My #LETJOG14 Intro Post

I’m going out on a limb and posting this picture of me. That and answers to my own intro post suggestion in the hope other participants in #LETJOG14 do too. There are more than a dozen of us gearing up for the challenge already and anyone else can get involved too. Maybe this’ll help convince you. Here goes…

I’m posting the questions here, so feel free to use them as a reference point.

How would you describe your current attitude/approach to running?

Frustrated but optimistic. I’ve run a lot in 2013 and I’m still suffering as a result. However, I’m up for this challenge. It will keep me on the run and I’m giving some serious consideration to trying out improving my technique as I go. I’ve never thought about that at all in the past, so that’s progress for me.

Do you have a running career highlight? What is it?

I have three: Nailing a marathon (and going sub 4-hours) in October 2012; Going sub-1:39:00 in a half marathon in Sept 2013; Going sub 45 for the first time on a 10km race in Sept 2013.

Each was the result of a huge amount of work and I don’t know if I can go faster. 2014 will tell me, I think.

Why are you taking on the #LETJOG14 challenge?

I want to keep running and this will keep me in the discipline. Fundraising has been a massive driver my my previous runs, but I feel like I need to give people a year off my asking them for money. I’ll be back for more in 2015 :).

The challenge really appeals though because I know how much running as part of a community or group can support people and bring the best out of people. I’m looking forward to meeting some new people too.

How long do you hope to cover the distance in? Do you have a specific date in mind?

Injury allowing, I’d like to nail it in under 10 months. I’m aiming to have this done by late October. I don’t actually want to do it much faster than that because I want to run for the majority of the year.

How do you plan to cover the distance? Are there any events you’ll be running in throughout the year?

#LETJOG14 will make the training runs count, so I’m planning to do three events throughout the year. This will include a Spring half - possibly Bath in March, a Summer trail half (+ a bit more) at the Great Trail in Keswick and the Great South Run in October.

What’s the one thing your fellow participants should know about you, outside of running?

I am addicted to crisps. And cake. And coffee. But mainly crisps.

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